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First hydrogen fuel cell electric bus project in India

In February 2020 the ministry of new and renewable energy MNRE along with state-run power corporation NTPC agreed to jointly launch a project to promote pollution-free buses in Leh. The joint capital and big city of the union territory of Ladakh in India. Under this new project, NTPC limited to use hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to run in Delhi and Leh.

NTPC already invited expressions of interest from manufacturers under this project NTPC to procure 10 hydrogen fuel cell-based buses and 10 hydrogen fuel cell cars. This is the first hydrogen fuel cell transportation project in India so let’s understand how a hydrogen fuel cell bus works?

Hydrogen fuel cell electric buses work with hydrogen fuel and release water as a by-product. Inside hydrogen fuel cell buses there are hydrogen fuel cell tanks to store hydrogen fuel. There is a fuel cell stack to form the chemical reaction liquid hydrogen reacts with air at the fuel cell and releases electricity and water. The electricity is sent to the electric motor inside the bus and the bus starts moving whereas the water comes out of the pipe. In the same way, a hydrogen fuel cell electric car also works.

In India TATA motors already made a hydrogen fuel cell bus at its Pune facility in January 2018. With the collaboration of Indian Oil Corporation, these buses going under test runs for two years. Also, usher clearly and subsidiary opted also manufacturing opted metro decker fuel cell electric buses.

Coming to fuel cell cars Mirai is one of the famous fuel cell cars from Toyota so taking all these factors put together. NTPC may order these 10 fuel cell electric buses from either TATA or opt-air and fuel cell cars from Toyota.

NTPC has already started harnessing renewable energy for the generation of hydrogen and develop its storage and dispensation facilities as a part of pilot projects at Leh and Delhi. Great to see such a wonderful emission-free project to come up in India.

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