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Florida airport fire destroyed and Damages 3500 cars in 18 hour

A fire destroyed more than 3500 cars at a rental car lot in Florida. The incident occurred in the rental car overflow lot in Fort Meyers. The blaze initially involved 20 cars, when authorities where first notified. By the aim we had unites on the scene, we had 100 cars on the fireplace. We misplaced count after the hundreds mentioned a mitigation specialist for Florida.

A charlotte county sheriff’s office aerial unit made at least 80 water drops on the fire. It took nearly 18 hours for responders to contain the fire. Southwest Florida international airport thanked responding agencies on its Facebook page. Another 3,850 cars had been undamaged, according to an airport spokeswoman. Injuring no one but destroying millions of dollars’ worth of cars in its path.

Police and firefighters from all through the area responded to the incident. They spend 18 hours trying to handle the massive blaze, which sends up an unlimited cloud of black smoke as a result of it burned by the use of the empty autos. It was ultimately contained by Saturday morning, burning about 6 hectors.

Witnesses reported listening to a number of small explosions from inside the inferno as the flames ignited cars fuel tanks. The case in fire is still under investigation. As well as they mentioned heard multiple small explosions and flames leaping high into the air as the flames spread across the area.

By around 8 pm, the fireplace appeared to be spreading with the flames getting greater at the same time as two helicopters continued to drop water and fireplace trucks emptied their tanks in a bid to halt the unfold of the blaze.

It’s thought the rental car parking zone was busier than normal due o the coronavirus lockdown as fewer customers had employed car whereas most flights are suspended and journey restrictions in place.

Melinda Avni, the Mitigation Specialist for Florida Forestry Service of Caloosahatchee, mentioned authorities have been known as to place out the blaze at around 5 pm when around 20 vehicles have been on fire.

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