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US President Donald Trump announces to halt WHO funding over coronavirus failure

On Tuesday President of the United States, Donald Trump said “I’m instructing my administration to halt funding of the WHO while a review is conducted to assess the WHO role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the COVID-19.

Had the World Health Organization done its job to get medical specialists into China to objectively assess the scenario on the ground and to call out China’s lack of transparency? The outbreak might have been contained at a source with very little death.”President Donald Trump said the World Health Organization must be held accountable for not acting fast enough to sound the alarm on COVID-19.

The U.S senior administration official said the United States of America provides approximately 453 million USD dollar in the global health organization in the year 2019. The United States contributes far extra money than some other nation. US President Donald Trump’s announcement comes as he’s facing scrutiny over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

He is been criticized for a lack of widespread testing and for failing to prepare hospitals for a surge of COVID-19 patients. In the middle of the global pandemic, Trump accused the WHO of mishandling the COVID-19 outbreak. The UN health agency raised an alarm just 5 days after learning of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, China.

But it is under fire from the US for not immediately calling for china to be put under a travel ban. The UN secretary-general urged the USA against the halt in funding saying now is not the time to be cutting resources to the WHO the president of the American Medical Association also called on US President Donald Trump to reconsider his decision calling it a harmful move at a precarious moment for the globe.

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